Acqua e Mais ®

The Venetian Street Food

The Street Food wins!

Water and corn: a name that recalls elements of polenta paired with a hot frying fish and served in a “scartosso” (Venetian term for a folded sheet of paper to form a cone).

Simboleggiamo return to the Venetian traditions: Water & Corn and ‘can eat one “scartosso” fish or fried vegetables strolling the street, or enjoy “sardines in sauce”, cuttlefish black, creamed codfish or stewed, castraure of nearby S. Erasmo island well prepared wholesome food each day with the best of Italian and Venetian dishes, all rich in omega 3.

Everything proposed by the young chef Alvise joined by Simone Leandro
and the youngs from the Barbarigo school: Leutrim, Riccardo and Stefano.

Campiello dei Meloni 1411-1412, 30125 Venezia | 041 2960530
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